Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Order fulfillment services

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, designer, or artist selling a product? After a great deal of research, I have selected a new order fulfillment house and highly recommend them for handling web and wholesale orders. They have excellent customer service and years of experience shipping products. If you're interested to learn more, drop me a note:

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Seth said...

I love the way you keep learning and keep taking risks like this one. We at Wolf&Shepherd will be following your example as we grow.

Jacob Klug said...

I dont know what's better critbuns or airbnb??

kittu said...

We’re pioneers in Last Mile Manufacturing solutions, including integration, configuration, order fulfillment, returns-management and reverse logistics, and managed demo-evaluation programs. We provide globalization & compliance solutions, helping fast-growing companies expand successfully around the world. Extron also serves as an operations beachhead for overseas companies wising to configure products closer to their U.S. based customers.
Resilient Global Supply Chain Services
Server Rack and Stack Integration Services
Medical Device Manufacturing Services
Configure To Order Manufacturing Services
Last Mile Manufacturing Experts
Retail Prodcut Fulfillment Solutions
Returns Management Services
Supply Chain Resilience Solutions