Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time capsule

The posts on this blog are incredibly old. The fact this is on Blogpost tells you a lot about the era when CritBuns was born. Weebly and Squarespace weren't even companies yet. Enjoy browsing the history that follows, and follow more recent movement on my site at

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KHam said...

I just listened to your interview on the How I Built This podcast. Great listen and thanks for sharing your story!

I find it adorable that you named the blog the "Critbuns Daily News" ... as though there would be so many developments that your customer base would need a daily update.

Thanks again, and love using AirBnB! Glad that your entrepreneurial spirit has brought such delightful things into this world!

Unknown said...

I too came here after hearing the podcast, which was incredibly entertaining and inspiring. I almost bought a pair of critbuns out of support for you, but realized I would waste them, so instead I leave this kudos comment! Nice to see an entrepreneur who is so grounded, keep it up and spread the good word.

Susan Mihalik said...

Me three on the podcast. I'm from Austin and working with a startup that also hopes to capitalize on the popularity of SXSW (Black Fret. Look it up...seriously...please). I wish I'd found the critbuns while I was still in art school, but they sadly came out a few years after graduation. I plan to use my pair for house concerts and camping. Gracias!

Miss B said...
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Nik said...

Joe, just found this after listening to your interview with Tim Ferriss. Rad story, super psyched to hear it and thanks for sharing. Stoked to pick up CritBuns if they come back in stock, we could use a set around the office at times. Cheers! Nik @ Paleo Treats