Monday, June 30, 2008

How Art School Reveals Human Nature

The Huffington Post ran an article on art schools, and the personas that come from them. There is some truth to how an artist wants to embody the lifestyle, clothing, and attitude of an "artist". You can stereotype each major (Architecture, Painting, Jewelry, Fashion, Graphic Design) by personalities and behaviors. Line up bunch of art students and their clothing, body language, tattoos/piercings (or lack of), and even body language can say what creative camp they reside in. I disagree, however, that art students inherently look down upon other majors. The smart students recognize the different perspective another design discipline can bring to the table. The smart student will take advantage of the access to a wide range talent only a short reach away. Chances are in the real world, you may very well have to collaborate with another creative in a different department to realize your project. But they'll be much harder to find. If you create the habit of resenting other majors in college, there's a very good chance you'll do that after you graduate. And that, to me, is a recipe for failure.

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